Does this version support OpenGL 3. This is the only way to determine how much potential could be seen in the fast graphics chips. When you all install new drivers, do you remove the old ones first using a driver cleaner or do you just run the install? Being single gpu and not DX10 ;. Comparing Chips And Configurations Page 3: How long has Captain Obvious been working at Toms?

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NVIDIA ForceWare Graphics Drivers | Geeks3D

How long has Captain Obvious been working at Toms? If you believe the most emphatic gamers, a graphics drivers update is good for—what, 10 or 15 percent additional performance? It’ll probably the same price as the and are now just with higher clock bta to justify it. Think these performance increases effect my gt?

Do New Drivers Really Boost Performance?

Supports Folding home distributing computing application. The following are examples of improvements measured with v On what did you see such an increase?

Try to reinstall in regular windows, reboot same blank screen but windows booting up. I guess, but the GTX pretty much destroyed those games listed above anyways.


The price better reflect on the smaller die Includes several 3D application performance improvements.

geta Summary Of Performance Differences Page Radeon HD CrossFire: I’m still running a different driver under vista 64, Any examples of games it doesn’t play nice with? Ebta Chips And Configurations Page 3: Installed them on my machine last night — 3DMark06 and 3DMark05 both went up about pts.

I’m playing relatively new games with the exception of StarCraft and CS source and my system absolutely loves the new drivers I will wait to see what kind of results others have If each of these drivers were to increase 3D speed by 10 percent, the graphics cards would double their performance in a few months.

Also Nvidia has a UT3 physX mod for anyone with UT3, offer 3 different maps that have object that break more realistic. However, beta drivers containing minor changes are available at irregular intervals. All tests also were carried out with an overclocked CPU.

Specs in sig, currently running If the claim that every graphics driver brings more speed were true, no one would ever buy new 3D hardware again because the driver updates would deliver greater benefits. Then again the GTX destroys pretty much anything.


All kidding aside, how much truth is there behind the assumption that every new driver update delivers untold performance enhancements? AMD and Nvidia release numerous driver builds every year. Ugh, just installed new drivers 2 days ago.

And when I finally do? I think its supposed to be a die shrink Being single gpu and not Bea. Always uninstall the previous driver at the very least I never bother uninstalling the previous driver: Uninstall the previous driver Subscribe to our newsletter. Please read the release notes for more information on product support, features, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.