The lack of a really good debugger has me using System. I need to add the interval as a modifiable setting. Net with camera support: Without getting to intense on the details, as you can just look at the code, I added a setting for the Camera Server that gets pulled out of the Gadget settings State Bag. You should be able to debug the script with VS- it’s just using the standard MS script engine. D; all in a Vista Gadget!!! Sunday, January 21, 2:

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I need to add the interval as a modifiable setting. Smells like a job for ” setInterval ” to me. Sometimes he goes down well, other times, less so.

Sunday, January 21, 2: You can get there by pasting that into Start Run. The app was getting in the way, or it’d take up the second monitor, and while I could have fixed it, I realized that I really wanted to see Z in the Vista Sidebar.

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Hey, Your project looks great, and I would love to use it. That also supports airink back to the source so I can use a Windows MC remote to control the server.


I also append the unique-enough number to prevent caching. It’s my gadget, I use my camera’s name as the default. Tuesday, January 23, 4: This might be a better option though.

Take a look at these places that helped me in this little project:. Saturday, March 17, 9: Wednesday, January 24, 6: I wrote about it when he was younger in a Coding4Fun article on Motion Detection. It would be really great.

When you double-click it, Vista will ask install it and it’ll show up in. However, we just vistw Z and I’m now in charge of putting him to bed.

I started digging into the various “Gadget APIs. If you have the source open in VS, you should be able to set breakpoints and such. If you guys interested in gadget news, please visit my blog also: Hunting for Sidebar Samples got me to Microsoft Gadgets.

Comments [6] Share on: The lack of a really good debugger has me using System. I plan on being able to bring the server’s desktop up on any tv by taking it’s output as one of the inputs to an audio authority 6×6 video matrix.


MacGyver would love it. You know what’s next He’s been sleeping through the night since he was about six months, so even vist my Webcam application was a ClickOnce App, I got lazy, and didn’t used it for several months.

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Right now it’s set to a half-second. This is the third time I visit your blog, and I like your articles. About Scott Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.

D; all in a Vista Gadget!!! None of this matters to you if you don’t have a Webcam like this, but here’s the craptastical source. You might need airlinl enable script debugging in IE, too