Customers do not need to assign a unique prodID; existing values can be used. An AP board with appropriate RF module. The prefer parameter specifies which template is preferred, although NART always chooses to use whichever available template produces the smallest data size for storage. It can be used under the control of any other application, program, NART accepts commands and sends data and status responses with text messages over a socket. C language header files are available that define the response codes and the format of the messages to assist in parsing and understanding the error response.

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The user can also choose the transmitter card. It supports all the same capabilities of ART with regards to the ability to test and calibrate Atheros WLAN devices while providing more flexibility for how these tests can be run.

After this step, NART is ready to accept commands. I am a bit fed up.

Full text of “AR93xx Atheros Radio Test 2 Reference Guide”

Error Display Manage errors displayed on the log window. Multiple record types exist; for example, a link command returns records from both the transmitter and receiver labeled tx and rx, respectively.

Enter 1,2 and 3 for the GPIB address. The template command specifies which templates are available in the intended driver and thus which templates can be compared against the actual values before storage. I tried following the instructions from https: Enter 18 for the GPIB address. Currently, NART returns data messages using a vertical bar as the field demarcation character, but this is not guaranteed.


The Atheros drivers include templates which are default representations of the possible configuration and calibration information stored in the device memory.

When unchecked, the application runs the last script that was run. Computations Computations on the data fields may be performed before displaying them.

The report command requires at least one field specified for each report. This wifi device is in tons of Compaqs and HPs and other widely distributed brands and people are just asleep at the switch. Some of these local variables are created automatically when CART begins execution. If none is specified, aar the default file start.

The following indicates the error severity: Qtheros messages are a single line of text representing a data record. All messages from NART begin with a 4-digit error code, a type or severity, and then the message contents.

Atheros AR5B22 – WikiDevi

When using the help command in a terminal window, there are two adjustments that may increase readability of the command descriptions: It contains the flags for which calibration and test linix should be performed in a manufacturing flow. Record Type Shortcut For convenience and to simplify the amount of typing, CART remembers the last record type specified and applies it automatically to subsequent fields specified with the field parameter.


By default it is set to point to the command directory within the ART2 package: Otherwise, specifies a port and waits for a connection from a control process. Normally, CART runs in a command window and accepts user entered commands from the keyboard and displays the results in the window. Through my bumbling around, apparently Mint loaded the correct drivers. For example, tests ateros be created that run receive sensitivity sweeps on the radio or comprehensive transmit power accuracy tests can be performed in an automatic flow.

Report Types Table describes the standard report types. It may be desirable to use the error code to control branching within a custom application. Taiwan Power numbers added on Oct A serial port module for the RS connector.

Atheros 802.11a/bg PCI/PCI-E devices (ath5k)

Has the non-functional driver included for this modem improved in a full year? They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and atheris you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. CART treats any command it does not recognize as a potential file name. Power Set the 2 GHz band edge power values.