How calibration cards work. The Axicon integrates all the following facilities: Installing the new software is straightforward, and it will result in more accurate grading of your barcodes. Verifiers Annual servicing What is a barcode verifier? Download our product brochure. Specifications For the Axicon Series , and 70 The Axicon range of PC verifiers provide high quality, sophisticated, yet easy to use barcode quality control.

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Axicon PC-6000 Barcode Verifier

The Axicon Next Generation Barcode Verifiers meet all the current international standards relating to barcode quality – as used by all major retailers. Currently available in seven languages. We realise that not everybody is a barcode expert.

Calibration data automatically recorded in compliance with ISO What about calibrating one? Barcode quality audit Barcode Verification Training courses Barcode quality helpdesk.

The ability to save and store scans in a number of formats puts the Axicon range ahead of the field. Aperture automatically switchable between 10 and 20mil aperture. More information about the upgrade is available here. Pc6000 saved text files can be transferred to a PC using a USB memory stick for subsequent printing, or printed out to a serial RS printer.

Comprehensive list of symbologies and application standards. It is a requirement of the ISO standard to eliminate all ambient light. Advantages of using Windows based software. Not only telling the user that their barcode is of an unacceptable standard but also what and where the problem lies. Simply install the software on your computer, plug in the verifier axkcon be confident that your barcodes are being checked to the highest standards.


This accessory is proving extremely useful in the case of very small codes such as RSS. Pc-6000 the latest articles from Pharmaceutical Online delivered to your inbox. Exclusive software upgrade features, including EAN data content axifon, scan storage and Product Look Up, can either be supplied as part of the package or as a field upgrade to the standard unit.

Failure to use the correct aperture will lead to incorrect results. Simply load the software, plug in the verifier and you can rest assured that your barcodes are being checked to the highest quality standards.

Stores not only the final average of scans but also each of the readings that contribute to it qxicon. The combined results of the above make the Axicon system the most consistent and reliable on the market. Linear 1D Bar Codes. By simply taking the data from a saved scan and attaching it to an e-mail, you are able to leave the interpretation to us – allowing you to concentrate on print quality.


The Axicon range of Verifiers provide high quality, sophisticated, yet easy to use barcode quality control. Axicon Series hand held verifier for logistics barcodes CCD trigger operated reading head. The latest version of our software is always available to download from our website – www.

Axicon Series Verifier – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

Sequential and variable data labels. Printable reports can pc6000 produced from the stored data and all the screens that are available on our standard units can also be shown.

Verification is imperative for all companies either designing or printing their own barcodes, ensuring that you create an image that will be acceptable. Free software updates for three years and a software upgrade path ensure that the verifier will remain at the leading edge. Scan File Data Extractor. Advantages of using Windows based software Cost Savings. Security and tamper evident labels. Specifications For the Axicon Seriesand 70