Consider taking a look at the Bluecherry surveillance software. Bluecherry For all your security needs. Read more Details Share. ZoneMinder is an awesome option for a do-it-yourself surveillance system. The developers of Bluecherry have an excellent automatic script that takes care of the heavy lifting. Home Security , Linux ,.

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Lniux was a place for settings but no ip field. And remember, while you may be watching others, they may also be watching you. Sit back and allow the installation program to do its thing. Benefits of Motion include a lightweight footprint, and range of outputs.

If you’re concerned about surveillance, here’s how to reveal hidden cameras using a smartphone app. Officially, the developers have downloads available for Ubuntu Consider taking a look at the Bluecherry surveillance software.

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With an iPhone or Android device you can connect with a web browser and view live video. Kerberos so far is the worst – install client doesn’t work, manually installing and building from source on Ubuntu Ivideon looked promising but failed to work, really, and had a tutorial that missed some key info.


To get it, launch a terminal and use the wget command. Scroll down for the next article.

While Bluecherry is free and cross-platform, it does offer licenses for purchase. Bluecherry was impressive in that it detected cams well – but showed precisely nothing. Although Ivideon states that it officially supports Ubuntu Desktop Once version 2 is released you will be emailed a license key along with instructions. Commercial grade features at a fraction of the cost. Your OS has official support for the client.

Wow i love it Add to cart Details Share. Amazingly, Xeoma can connect with up to 2, cameras from a single computer. We want input from our customers on how they would like to see the software changed or new features added. As Debian and Ubuntu are similar in many ways, the installation process for Bluecherry is near identical on both operating systems.

What Is bit Computing? Currently, 2, IP cameras are supported.


Linux Based – Bluecherry

Notably, Kerberos has a clean, decluttered interface. Read MoreRedHat, and source.

Only trust a few? We encourage our customers to post feature requests so we can easily track them. Bluecherry also supports Debian 7.

6 Awesome DIY Security Camera Clients for Linux

If I can even get the bastard to install. ZoneMinder is an awesome option for a do-it-yourself surveillance system. The packaging of bluevherry computer or computer hardware is crowded with technical terms and badges. One of the more prominent ones is bit. Let the program run and install all of the necessary packages that allow it to run correctly on your CentOS machine.

Updates Updates are easily downloaded from our Ubuntu repository.