I did notice an oddity of PTPublisher that I had not experienced with it on my other computer and this might be version specific , that the latest 2. On the cartridges, instead of a barcode it uses RFID chips in each cartridge, and the print head carriage moves the cartridges under an RFID antenna before each print operation in order to verify that a valid type of ink has been installed. But still, there were issues: Both 25GB single-layer and 50GB dual-layer discs are supported. Pages with related products.

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The SDK is free to qualified developers. Simply choose the type of job you want to perform data, video, audio, etc.

I must say, it’s soooo nice that the machine changes the discs for barvo. During shorter periods of disuse, it should be OK to turn the power autoprinterr, maybe for a few days. Found out you have to run the Sure Thing CD printer software as administrator or it won’t print.

Then I noticed that my older DVDs were fading, turning brownish and the colors were bleeding into the titles. Blue LED lighting is on during normal operation; pulses during low-supplies condition; blinks during error condition. But still, there were issues: But at least the ink capacity of the new cartridges is much greater than what was in the Bravo II cartridges, so I think the new system is a much better deal and overall ink cost should be quite a bit lower than before.


The printer allows you to print labels for 20 discs at a time.

If the printer has a problem, these LEDs flash to get your attention. Bravl is the speed of printing. Windows would totally lock up, no response to the mouse or keyboard, and I had to do power cycle to bring it back. Makes a great looking product. I decided that I had beat this horse long enough and that the critter was surely dead. One person found this helpful. Comes with power supply. We strive to continue to provide great products at great prices, with the top-notch quality.

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So I temporarily relocated the autoprintee in front of the computer, and used the 6 foot USB cable that came with theconnecting directly to the computer. And it is even backwards compatible. It might be possible to remove the print head and soak it in water or something, but good luck with that. The belt drive system also gives you smoother and quieter operation.

Primera Bravo 4100 AutoPrinter

Please try again later. I will have larger batches of CDs to bravp soon, and hope that the printer continues to behave with the shorter cable.


In short, the Bravo SE just works. This item has been used but is believed to be in working condition.

Primera Bravo Printer

Primera Bravo AutoPrinter Trustpilot. Maximum Number of Di The time cycle for picking and depositing the now printed disk is nominal. We don’t offer free shipping but we do ship to Alaska, Hawaii, U.

In ‘high’ quality setting, it takes about 10 seconds per disk. Customer feedback There have been autoprintr reviews. The print head is a separate plastic assembly, and it can be replaced just as easily as an ink cartridge. Blazingly Fast Printing and Robotics Primera Bravo Series are easily the fastest desktop disc printers and publishers in the world today. See offer for details.

I was always concerned with the Bravo II that I would print a design autoprintfr was heavy on red, for example, and have to discard the cartridge for further printing even of the other colors of ink were still mostly full. Order in the next 0: