Anonymous July 3, at 8: Unknown November 23, at Please email me direct and I will share with you some new low discount prices available on the pianos you mentioned including the ES7. Anonymous February 9, at I really appreciate your blog. Anonymous January 2, at 3:

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Diego Sanches llauqS May 26, at 3: I would really like to go for a kawai ES-7 as you absolutely recomend it, but I guess it is a little cdp-1220 out of my budget. Go to my following review of the Yamaha P45 to learn more about it: CDP A great way to learn how xdp-120 play is to be able to record your playing one hand or the other and then play it back to hear how you did or to play along with it using the other hand that you did not record.

Both Yamaha cxsio Casio have upgraded piano models with a lot more polyphony memory and other features for not much more money. Also, if you combine two sounds, such as stereo piano and strings, polyphony may halve once again.

Tim Praskins November 23, at 1: Polyphony represents the number of notes that a csio instrument can play at any one time – and is not directly related to memory more so to processing power and the number of digital oscillators available. Decay time is the amount of time the sound will stay resonating when you press down the sustain pedal after you play a key on the piano.

Casio CDP Digital Piano- 88 Keys | eBay

Thinking of buying CDP for my 7 yrs old daughter, she just started her lessons on an acoustic piano. My daugther is 4 years old just start Suzuki Piano lesson but I’m not so sure how long she will play.


The Yamaha P35 has 10 instrument sounds with a fairly nice sounding piano tone for it’s size, as opposed to 5 instrument tones on the Casio the difference is no big deal really since most people seldom use the other instrument tones. The Casio CDP has a nice piano tone for its size and has 48 note polyphony piano memory as opposed to 32 note polyphony on the Yamaha better on the Casio but not a huge upgrade over the Yamaha. Her teacher said we should get her a piano to practice at home.

JR Haole December 5, at 7: When playing dense passages with the sustain pedal depressed, it is possible cdp-102 run out of available notes, and so a high polyphony count is essential to provide a realistic playing experience – some DPs are now available with note polyphony.

Anonymous November 11, at 2: The p35 or the cdp ?

Low price does not always equate with the best “deal” either. I guess since we’re buying this for our kids who are beginners and using it mainly for enjoyment, the CDP is better for us and worth paying a little extra for the fun stuff So by default, the Casio PX wins “hands casil in that way over the Yamaha P, and that is the number one most important casii to look for when buying a digital piano for any price in my opinion For most people looking for a good but inexpensive digital piano, it can be very difficult to determine whether or not cqsio instrument is right for you.


Unknown November 23, at It’s pretty cool and definitely worth having if at all possible.

Casio Cdp 120

Please email me direct and I will share with you some new low discount prices available on the pianos you mentioned including the ES7. When you really analyze it, if you plan on keeping the piano for at least a few years most people keep their inexpensive digital pianos for about yearsthe difference in price for the better pianos is not much more.

Balogh Marton September 27, at Anonymous October 30, at 2: The piano sound, key action, and pedaling control is identical between the two models. Anonymous January 2, at 3: There are also bad “off-brand” inexpensive digital pianos out there so do your homework before you make a purchase.

CDP Specifications – The Contemporary Digital Pianos – Electronic Musical Instruments – CASIO

If you want to learn more about the other pianos I have mentioned here, please go to my reviews at the following links below: Syd Baumel October 23, at 2: Anonymous February 9, at As begininging as kids, can you please recommend which model will be good to buy? The rule of thumb is that if, for example, a digital piano has polyphony ofit can play up to 64 stereo notes at any one time before it must drop notes to allow new ones to sound.

Which one worth buying?