The phone does not have LSC installed. Once inserted, information about the token is displayed: Refer to the Security By Default document for more information on Authenticated and Encrypted configuration files. In an SRTP stream the payload will show bytes for each packet. The phone will trust any CTL file signed by other of these two tokens. Thanks a lot Nicolas.

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This allows auto etokwn to be enabled and leaves any existing CTL file in place. Hi Nicolas, Appreciate your comment here. The Security Profile needs to be applied at the Device level, so the Bulk Administration Tool is the most appropriate method to apply this profile csico a larger number of phones.

Created by itwan on Verify all certificates on all servers. Certain administrative operations like changing host names may require regenerating certificates and CTL files.

If there is a mismatch the same step of re-running the CTL Client must be performed. Another method to verify the CTL file is downloaded is to look at the Phone Console logs under the web page of the phone.

Additionally, once a router has been provisioned, the Aladdin eToken key can be used for a variety of other security applications such as VPN access, web access and PC logon, enabling organizations to experience enhanced network security as an added, unlimited benefit. A shortcut to verifying that the CTL file on the phone matches exactly byte for byte with the file on the server is just to quickly look at the phone’s Trust List.


Phone Security and CTL Overview

If a string was chosen for the Authentication Mode then this will need to be entered manually into the phone console. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

Feel free to ask any other queries you may have. I have a Cisco a also running CME 9. Status Messages displayed on the phone can also cixco helpful to verify a CTL file was downloaded successfully. These pieces of information tell us what dates to watch for in the future as well as what operations happened in the past.

The CAPF traces show that the phone connects, generates a cico which takes some time as seen by the gap in tracesthen the CAPF server generates a certificate for the phone.

Restart Required Servers 6. Note here that the password has been incorrectly entered once. For example taking the token to test everything in the lab and after success taking the very same token to deploy it in a live system. That method is cksco close approximation based on the size of the file. The certificates loaded onto the CM servers are extremely important. Newer model phones got ciso of this requirement and will trust a TFTP server at any address as long as the certificate signature matches.


Collaboration, Voice and Video: This allows any new certificates or servers to be added to the CTL file.

Verifying that the voice packets are SRST is a little more difficult. I call it CME “A”. Carlos, The and will work without any problem. Outgoing POTS call issue. The purpose of this document is to act as a supplement to the official Communications Manager Security Guide by providing examples, explanation, and diagrams for Phone Security using Certificate Trust Lists.

Solved: Cisco Anyconnect and Aladdin eToken – Cisco Community

A token will self destruct after 15 failed password attempts, so remembering the token password and having backup tokens is extremely important. Here is the CAPF. Ciscco console logs also show that the CTL file signature the eToken signer was trusted: If this serial number differed between the two etoen, the CTL Client would need to be run to bring the CTL file in sync with what CM is actually using for a certificate.

The phone will trust any CTL file signed by other of these two tokens.