Intella will only run via a RDP or terminal session with the dongle in place. EnCase, Smart Mount and reinstall Intella. It is also possible that something has changed in your environment such as the deployment of security software, group policies etc. Or it may be time to let Mentor fix it for you. Make sure that the key is enabled. Each Attachment size should not exceed 5.

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EnCase, Smart Mount and reinstall Intella.

When you receive dongle errors, it is most likely that the HASP software is not installed properly, or the License Manager is not running. Information on using Dongle Manager to automatically update your dongle, and manually updating your dongle can be found at this link: Below you’ll find a list of the errors which have been reported to us, together with the solutions for these errors.

Is the LED on the dongle illuminated?

HASP Device Driver API for Windows 32bit compilers:

Disable any antivirus software you have running on your PC. Under ‘Universal Serial Bus Controllers’ in ‘Device Manager’ on your system, you should see the following three haap Please type your message and try again.


We supply a large customer base so reinstalling after every windows update is not a practical option. My key now plugs into a USB cable that in turn plugs into one of the motherboard mounted USB connectors on the coddsoft of the machine.

HASP Key Drivers Reinstallation Instructions

It would be helpful if you may also share the details KB There are several causes for this issue. If this problem persists, open a Command Prompt as administrator and run: After you have done the steps above, you can check whether your dongle is detected by your system by following the steps below on the computer with codeskft dongle plugged in:. All content copyright SafeNet, Inc.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

For major releases, you need to have at least days of MA left to receive a major update. We see this with customers who have been with Vound for some time and have many older versions of Intella on their dongle. Jon Pearse Posted Updated.

Provide the permalink of a topic that is related to this topic. Choose files or drag and drop files.

Support for HASP

One of the most common causes for a dongle not being detected is when the dongle driver has been blocked or deleted. Section 3 – Dongle not showing or updating to the latest version Vound uses a 3 number licensing system for its products. The first steps to take are to check whether there is a hardware issue: Below is a flowchart to help identify which category your issue applies to.


I codesofh a some snaps for you to see what system says. Intella will haep in a VM environment using a dongle.

The Admin control centre does not show the local hasp. This would require further investigation. I made my best but it doesn’t work.

I haven’t had a problems with dongle on old machines I had Comments Please sign in to comment. We have a video with more information regarding dongles and licensing at this link: After the hardware key is plugged in another USB port, if the message window pops up and says New Hardware Found, then the USB key, itself, as the problem moves down the list. Check with your IT team to see whether a change that they have made is causing the issue.