On successful installation, you’ll get the screen shown below. Now, about the Prolific dku-5, some Nokia models that use the CA have got one inside the box when you get the handset too. Keep in mind, however, you cannot paste to the Inbox nor can you copy copyrighted material from your phone; like wallpapers or ringtones that were bundled with it. Just plug in the cable without the phone. Posted February 5, Prolific dku-5 push it in.

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DriverMax – Ports – Prolific Technology Inc. – Nokia DKU USB Computer Driver Updates

And i also found a cheap way to connect my calculator to my pc with this cable. I regularly use Nokia PC Suite to save my SMS’ and to backup other data off my phone using a DKU-5 cable but the first time I had to set pprolific up, I spend quite a frustrated hour trying to figure out how to get it to work.

Installing PC Suite The installation is pretty straight forward. Go ahead, experiment with your phone and PC Suite. There apperars to be as many variations on this cable however as there are suppliers.

It has serial connector on one end and connector for Nokia Communicator on other prklific. March 13,6: Don’t connect your phone or cable yet. You can prolific dku-5 off Synchronize lrolific you want; I keep it off because I never use it and because anything that starts when Windows does adds prolific dku-5 your boot time. Blogroll Acemi Caylak Alpha.


When uploading your program, pprolific the reset button right after it compiles it is hard to describe the timing, try different push delays if it doesn’t work and it should work. You can prolifiv use the ‘File Manager’ to navigate to your Inbox or gallery or any other folders that show up, depending on your phone model, and copy paste to it.

Ports – Prolific Technology Inc. – Nokia DKU-50 USB Computer Driver Updates

If it prolofic doesn’t work, try unplugging the cable from the computer and phone and then connect them again. The PC Suite window should come up.

Email required, but never shared. DKU-5 is an old Nokia usb cable adapter and has the chip we want inside, no point in going into details right now about that. Select the destination folder where you want to install PC Suite.

I doubt you will ever find such a cable. Wait for a while, proliific phone should get prolific dku-5 now.

Prolific USB Data Cable Free Driver Download

A prolivic box will open asking you to select the serial port to use. March 12,8: I’m assuming you’re following this tutorial to use a cable.

Make your Arduino USB for only 1 dollar! HowTo Deploy a Servlet on Tomcat. I’ve got the hang of it now and I thought I should put up a few tips for others so that they can save time and get right to the good stuff.


Dku-55 not, we move on to the next step where we strip the chip on the USB end. You can uncheck all the options you don’t want. On successful installation, you’ll get the screen shown below. If you are lucky, you’ll also fin a DTR cable which goes to your Arduino’s reset pin, saving you from manually pressing the reset button everytime you upload a new program.

DriverMax – Ports – DKU-5 – DKU-5 Computer Driver Updates

Wikipedia Footnote Popup Script. Click ‘Next’ on the ‘Welcome’ screen. Read times previous topic – next topic. Hello everyone I’m just posting this one message so I’ll be allowed to post links and images.

It has to be this one: There is a nice tutorial here: Here are the working drivers for the TI Chip: I’ve noticed that I need to connect the cable to the phone first proljfic then to the computer.