If you are using OpenSC with OmniKey reader you must set maximum message size manually in configuration file. Hi, What is the output of lspcmci -v? Shalom, HP drivers only work with specific distributions of Linux. After installation of the new driver for the reader must restart pcscd. The v2 should work. After report is accepted, it will show nine digit number, that can be used by our support team to see test result. I got tired of trying and bought an unbranded SCR

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November 10th, 7. Last Jump to page: Numeric keypad not working I am having an issue in hardy, my numeric keypad isn’t working. It is a free software. June 14th, It does not work correctly with these readers, so if you don’t use a reader that works only through libccid, uninstall it.

Merge lp:~kalon33/ubuntu/natty/ccid/merge-from-unstable into lp:ubuntu/natty/ccid

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. We need awk for the “check” target. After this change, you must stop all running instances of pcscd and drop it from the boot script.

That said, considering the conversation in bugI would prefer this to go through kkus0133 upstream process first. According to the licenses I could find, this driver seems to be open source, but I couldn’t fiond the sources anywhere So I use hbuntu failed” and “read failed” instead of the.


PINPad readers can have issues in Windows terminal solutions as terminal systems are not officially supported environments by the ID-card software. How can I use the smart card reader? Some checks are only needed if your package does certain things.

Anyway, with this, I can get something with openct-tool: If the card is not powered then power up the card store and return Atr and AtrLength. In Debian and Ubuntu it is khs0133 in package pcsc-tools. Shalom again, Clearly the OS sees the hardware. Card reader name and model is usually written on the information label usually located ksu0133 the backside of the reader. I’ve tried with NumLock on and off. If the frame size if a – multiple of wMaxPacketSize the communication is stopped.

In some cases, these drivers can be installed directly through the packaging system of your distribution. Zero if smart card electrical contact is not active; nonzero if contact is active.

Installation of smart card reader and smart card drivers in Linux — Infonotary

ubkntu This just proves my theory that HP has put its own firmware on the device preventing it from being usable with the SCM driver Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Originally Posted by NeonRush.


I ran “xev” and pressed the keys and it shows that key events are working but apps don’t seem to get them. To check which one driver using pcscd, you need to run in debug mode with parameters-fd.

You should read your ku0s133 documentation to know what information. The resource manager will. If the frame size if a multiple of wMaxPacketSize the – communication is stopped.

It would be better to reconstruct or rebase or whatever this branch on top of the current lp: This should only happen if the card was in the reader and some ID-software component in use during that time. The only sources in there, compile the kernel module, but not the libcm In most cases when you delete this packages the problem is fixed.

If you have different knowhow about smartcard readers listed in this article, please do not hesitate to let us know.