Can you compare the sound quality of the original amp to the new amp? The same physical amplifier is used in the MFW Turbo upgrade , and can be shipped back for reprogramming for use with the Turbo woofer at any time in the future. SQ wise, it’s a toss up. Replaced the caps and a diode and it seems to work just fine now. Click here to read. Gary Tessman is offline. They are typically glued on, so this may be tough.

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Click here to read. Custom watt high efficiency design. I am making this as more of mrw-15 FYI as I have not found this information anywhere else on the web in they way im typing it, and I definitely wanted to share with the fine people here.

We are not responsible for any damage that may occur while attempting this procedure. Whatever you end up with, please post comments on the new sub or upgraded amps.

AV123 MFW-15 Subwoofer

Best wishes and feel free to PM me for questions. BB code is On. There is actually a very cheap fix for the hum.

The original drivers seem to be fine as there is give when you lightly push on them. Notes of Caution 1. Currently out of stock, awaiting a production run of the custom woofers.


The amplifier is assembled in the US and similar to what we use in our JS subwoofer. Gary Tessman is offline. As mentioned previously, I’m not sure what audiophile subwoofer options are currently still out there in and I’m looking for some advice instead of spending hours on research.

It hits harder than it did with the cheap Chinese amp it originally had.

AV’s new MFW subwoofer

Single driver, folded, slot port with front termination Drivers: Marc Alexander is offline. Most likely I will upgrade the driver after Mark comes out with the new one that fits nicely into the existing baffle.

Subscribe to our newsletter. SQ wise, it’s a toss up.

I have soldiered before and am fairly confident in doing so, but I went on the youtubes for a quick tutorial on how to replace capacitors and IMHO it was pretty easy. No, I didn’t have to modify anything to make them fit. Sign up here for e-mail notification of Turbo woofer availability. MFW and the humming fix! Backorders are expected to ship subwoofe week of January 28th.

Thanks Mine is 11x14x8 and I definitely want two. The subs were dormant for months while I was doing some traveling outside of the country, I wonder if this caused their untimely death?


AV MFW Subwoofer | Audioholics

Greater than dB output above 35Hz and dB max output at 20Hz at one meter. The Turbo Kit replaces the original W amplifier with a US built, DSP optimized, W ICEpower based amplifier, and a matching new woofer to finally enable all of the performance available from the sleek and capable enclosure. I absolutely love them, they dig every bit as deep as the Turbo upgrade. Replaced the caps and a diode and it seems to work just fine now.

You could further damage your amp, or yourself. Is there anyone out there who bought the turbo kit that might have the instructions for installation?

If the insulation is degraded on the edge of the board, further insulate with electrical tape. Then about a year ago, it died Hi mrwillbill, Can you tell me what kind of diode you replaced it with and where it’s located? The first units are shipping now.